Solutions using Google Analytics

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Extract Actionable Steps from your Data

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After collecting your data, you are going to want to use it. In this project I demonstrate how to run batch jobs that audit content marketing websites for broken links, missed opportunities, and rooms for growth, all derived from Google Analytics and displayed in easy to use UIs. View on Github

Connect Django Web Server to Google Cloud APIs

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Google provides several powerful APIs which can greatly enhance your app if you are able to take advantage of them. See one such example here, where we upload audio files into Google Speech Recognition API to generate transcripts, using a Python Django backend. View on Github

Manage Datasets from Multiple External APIs

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It is one thing to perform ETL on data originating from a single data source, but it is quite another to work with data coming in from different sources who have different APIs, different data formats, different error handling policies...and that's just the start. Check out this example of how to manage data coming in from separate origins, which in this case was different social media platforms. View on Github

Create Data Dashboards in React using Chart.js

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It can be hard for clients to care about your data unless they can see it. Chart.js provides an easy to use, yet powerful API to display your data quickly and elegantly. Check out an example of how to use it to display Google Analytics data View on Github