Solutions using Data Visualization

Check out solutions that use Data Visualization here. Interested in something else? See the full list of technologies here.

Manage your Cassandra Logs using the ELK Stack

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Distributed apps quickly get to the place where trying to debug using tail -f becomes untenable. However, ignoring your logs isn't an option. The ELK Stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana) is a go-to tool for managing your logs and making them help you rather than just taking up hard drive space. Unfortunately, it does not yet have out-of-the-box log processing or dashboards for Cassandra. Check out a way to extract meaningful information from your Cassandra logs here. View on Github

Visualize Your Graph Data in Vega

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Data visualization is particularly valuable when it comes to graph processing. If you are using graph technology due to the connectivity within your data, then you will want to visualize the connectivity and show it to your clients. Vega, being built on D3.js, comes with a powerful API to do just that. View on Github

Connect Django Web Server to Google Cloud APIs

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Google provides several powerful APIs which can greatly enhance your app if you are able to take advantage of them. See one such example here, where we upload audio files into Google Speech Recognition API to generate transcripts, using a Python Django backend. View on Github

Create Data Dashboards in React using Chart.js

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It can be hard for clients to care about your data unless they can see it. Chart.js provides an easy to use, yet powerful API to display your data quickly and elegantly. Check out an example of how to use it to display Google Analytics data View on Github