Solutions using Airflow

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Build a Data-Intensive, Full Stack App from Start to Finish

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The strength of a full-stack data engineer is the ability to bring the entire stack together, coordinating all of your microservices and features into a single product. Any developer can slap a new feature onto your project, but if new features aren't seamlessly integrated into your project as a whole, they will run inefficiently and slow down future development. See how everything can work together, from data pipeline to web app to data visualization and user-facing search functionality. View on Github

Run Distributed Tasks Using Airflow

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Airflow makes it easy to manage complicated data pipelines and run them in a distributed cluster. Airflow does this by letting users create DAGs that run and track batch jobs as they run across multiple stages. In this demo, I hook up Airflow running on a Docker container to my podcast analysis tool. View on Github