Blogs and Presentations

Meetup Presentations

October 2022, on connecting Cassandra to Superset using Presto for a Data Engineering DC Meetup.
In May 2022, I presented on Graph Notebook, put out by AWS for a Data Engineering DC Meetup.
In October 2021, I presented on Datastax Dependencies for Graph, Spark, and Cassandra, based on a blog post I wrote.
In September 2020, I presented on Kafka with Cassandra for the Cassandra & DataStax DC Meetup. I presented on my Podcast Processor Tool for their Cassandra Lunch. The presentation was also featured on Anant Corporation's blog.

Blog Posts

From time to time I write about what I'm learning or interested in. Check out some more of my blog posts here.


In mid-2021 I participated in an NIH-sponsored hackathon put on by the NIH SPARC project for the purpose of advancing bioelectronic medicine through open science where we took grand prize. My team's project was a tool to automate knowledge discovery from given user-selected datasets by sending metadata for the datasets to several external apis including a batch job runner and visualizing the results in a VueJs frontend. My role was to architect and lead the development for the frontend and backend code. Source code for the project can be found here. The project is documented in a manuscript that was published in bioRxiv as well as F1000Research.