Provide Search for Cassandra DB using Elasticsearch and Flask

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Your data won't help you if you don't know how to use it. One way is to allow end-users (or admins) to search through your data. Elassandra integrates Elasticsearch with your Cassandra DB for near instant search results and a REST API. One way to access that REST API is by connecting to it through a React app, with a Flask app server in the middle to handle requests. Click here to get an idea for how I can build a similar solution for your app. View on Github

Create Data Dashboards in React using Chart.js

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It can be hard for clients to care about your data unless they can see it. Chart.js provides an easy to use, yet powerful API to display your data quickly and elegantly. Check out an example of how to use it to display Google Analytics data View on Github

Run Distributed Tasks Using Airflow

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Airflow makes it easy to manage complicated data pipelines and run them in a distributed cluster. Airflow does this by letting users create DAGs that run and track batch jobs as they run across multiple stages. In this demo, I hook up Airflow running on a Docker container to my podcast analysis tool. View on Github